About Us

"A man who builds his own Pedestal had better use strong cement." – Anna Quindle

This quote perfectly suits with the people who opt for Jai Laxmi Cement. Be it laying down the truss or beam, Jai Laxmi Cement is that brand which holds versatile character to build concrete structures. We believe that it is the ultimate satisfaction of our customers which matters at every step, when our producing sitting in the workshops and brainstorming over every minute details to create our products. We try to think over of our buyers when they will smile during final touch for construction of their offices.

Our technology to make cement brings crux acknowledgment of adhesive quality to bind the bricks tightly and leaving no stone unturned to give any chance of entry of any aqua based sources. This tightly bonded structure leads to better outcome to eradicate any sort of water leakage through walls and ceilings. Our Research and Development team monitors every aspect to create restrained technology to resist seismic activities resulting to collapse of buildings. The cement in itself takes the responsibility to assist the walls and protecting them from shaking movements.

We run the organisation by manufacturing 3 cements: Virat Power, Magnum Gold and Maha Concreto under Jai Laxmi flagship. Our thought process is to combat with every contemporary existing cements in the market and in order to tackle the same we give 101% to upgrade state-of-art laid down for orthodox cement production. When we say Jai Laxmi Cement proudly with its tagline “Kad Kad mein Majbooti”, we tory to carry out every action with confidence to let our customers maintain the same belief and faith since our partnership’s birth.

Our Vision

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. To succeed in one mission, one must have single minded devotion to one’s goal. Every business or enterprise works with some specific missions. Some of them are: Growth in terms of capital size Expand more to capture customer’s audience Cast an image to penetrative more into market.



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