Our Products

There’s no need of marketing if the product is awesome. And without this thinking or creating awesome, no organisation can grow in today’s time to reach the top notch position. Once reached, these products should be modified continously in order to capture more customers and hold the old ones who gave name and fame.

What makes Jai Laxmi Cement to stay firm and stable to follow the above mentioned lines? Well there are many parameters and attributes which has laid down different traits of this organisation. Some of the products running under this brand:

  • Virat Power
  • Kohinoor Power Cement

The name in itself depicts the diaspora and creates the aura of giving new choice. Known for its high strength, high performance cement caters to each of its three customer segments – Individual Home Builders (IHBs), Masons and Contractors, and Professionals.

What makes us stand different and tall?

  • The Cement has temperature resistant concrete blocks which keeps the nearby environs cool.
  • The cement handles very well the fly ash developed during the Pozzolana Portaland.
  • Completely deserving word : durability
  • Leaves no pores to get any water logging in the ceilings.
  • Basic ingredients like mortar and concrete are monitored at every stage during the production process.
  • Every stage QoA

All these marks the significance of Jai Laxmi Cement in the cement industry and construction industry. We believe in the vision that we have to reach in the checklist of raw materials needed to come for engineers, contractors, consumers etc.